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A personal injury is any injury you suffer as a result of someone else's negligence.  The sad truth is, when you are injured in an accident, insurance companies are not on your side. While they may offer a quick settlement, this is to protect their bottom line, not your best interests. The only way to get the compensation you are truly due is through legal action brought by an experienced attorney.

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Unfortunately, accidents are a common fact of everyday life. People are injured all the time because of circumstances over which they have no control. These accidents happen sometimes even if no one directly caused them, like when a storm causes damage to homes or cars. Other times, however, a person may have caused an accident to happen by either acting or failing to take action, For instance when an owner does not repair dangerous or damaged stairs or an automobile accident caused by texting and driving. When this happens, another person’s behavior directly caused an accident, which may have resulted in an injury or loss of income to you or your loved ones. You should not have to compensate someone for the results of someone else’s actions. When accidents like this occur, you need a Ringgold lawyer with experience to defend your rights.

The lawyers at The Bandy Firm have dedicated their lives to helping victims receive due justice, especially when due to another persons negligence. Injuries that you suffer after an accident can permanently change your life, and you deserve compensation for pain and suffering, large medical costs and if you’re out of work then loss of income as well. The Bandy Firm shares your anger and feelings of frustration, we get calls every day from victims of injury and know how to start the process of healing from a legal aspect. You need to understand your rights concerning accidents and we can help. And if you’ve already chosen to pursue legal action, The Bandy Firm is here to explain the correct steps you need to take. We have the experience to help build a strong case and get the results you’re looking for.


Construction Accidents
Work-Related Injuries
Car Accidents
Truck Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Product Liability
Exposure to Toxic Substances
Nursing Home Abuse
Premises Liability
Slip and Fall Accidents
Wrongful Death
Workers' Rights
Train Accidents

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A serious accident affects you mentally as well as physically. Coupled with financial damages, recovery is not always easy and you deserve to be heard. A life changing accident can upend everything but you’re not alone. The Bandy Firm is here to help take back your life and make the road to recovery as comfortable as possible.

At The Bandy Firm, we hear from people like you everyday. We hear the devastating details of situations that could have been avoided. Someone else’s negligence can devastate an innocent persons life, whether it’s a car accident that caused your injuries, a drunk driver that destroyed your life or a loved one’s life, wages, pain, suffering, outrageous medical bills and more can be recovered.

We have decades of experience in the local court systems and know how to defend your rights in personal injury cases. The Bandy Firm has the tools and resources to help you financially recover from a serious accident.


Medical Bills
Physical Therapy
Ongoing Care
Loss of Services
Loss of a Spouse
Lost Wages
Intense Pain and Suffering

Accidents are never planned, and in a fraction of a second your life can be changed forever. It doesn’t matter if caused by a drunk driver, texting while driving, poorly managed properties or just plain negligence. When someone else’s poor decisions bring harm to you or your family you have a right to seek appropriate compensation and relief.  So you may be asking yourself do I need a lawyer? If you are then there's a good chance that you do. We have decades of real world experience in North Georgia going after drunk drivers, speeding and dangerous drivers, people texting and driving, people just not paying attention and acting in ways that bring harm to other innocent people. We have helped victims in many different kinds of situations including:

Being Careless
Driving Reckless
Driving Distracted
Breaking Traffic Laws
DUI and Drunk Driving Recovery
Texting While Driving
Following Too Close
Failing to Yield to Traffic

Due to the fact that the majority of accidents are caused by just not paying attention (negligence) we will need to establish that the other parties actions directly resulted in your damage and injuries. Our team has the experience to carefully examine your case and determine precisely what caused it. We will study all the evidence from the scene, pinpoint photos and video that are useful to the case, recreate the accident scene and call in medical experts to examine medical reports if necessary. We take clients from a variety of car accident related cases, including:

Broken Bones
Burn Injuries
Whiplash Injuries
Internal Injuries
Neck Injuries
Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries

When you are the victim of a serious car accident, that can mean large medical bills and time off the job pushing you further into unplanned debt. It is time for you to find a lawyer. It is vital to your financial health that you are compensated when hit by a drunk driver or involved in a negligent incident. The Bandy Firm gives your case the individual attention needed to build a strong personal injury case. Our goal is recovering the most damages possible for your needs.

    A lot of people are surprised when their insurance company does not provide what they need after being injured. We want to believe that these companies truly have our best interest at heart, but insurance companies are actually corporations that are primarily concerned with their bottom line. The less they pay out the better for them. That’s why you need experienced representation that knows how to fight for your rights as a victim. 

    For decades we have studied Georgia insurance law and worked with insurance companies for our clients. We understand the tactics used to decrease your claim and are determined to protect your rights as our client. No matter what type of accident you’re involved in, we will use all of our resources to recover fair damages for your case.

    If drunk driver has taken a loved one away from you, or a texting driver has caused you serious injury, you have a right to be compensated. If you find yourself in these situations it's time to find an attorney. Our team is dedicated to a complete investigation in order to build a strong case for court. We fight for the maximum amount to get you back to a normal life. Please call and make an appointment today with us, a consultation is free and we offer contingency payment options. That means we don’t get paid unless you get paid. 

    The lawyers at The Bandy Firm are standing by to help explain your rights. Personal injury litigation covers a large number of situations but they do share some factors:

    Bodily Injury
    Mental Injury
    Economic Injury

    For example, a motorist caused a major accident that could have been avoided if they were paying attention, or you suffered a major injury from someone intentionally. Did a consumer product like a high chair cause injury to your child? If a company or person did something to cause you harm, you may move forward to seek damages and compensation. 

    You never know when you may need a Ringgold lawyer, what type of attorney do you need? Don't be caught off guard, it’s a good idea to know who to call, The Bandy Firm is ready to take your call and arrange a free consultation. For major life events it’s vital that you’re aware of your rights.

    Call us today and learn about your rights.

    The experienced attorneys at The Bandy Firm are ready to review your case, with decades of experience for personal injury litigation. If you have been injured negligently, or one of your loved ones have been injured, call us and find out exactly where you stand. It’s very important that you understand how the law operates in your particular situation. 

    Frequent Personal Injury Cases

    What personal injury claims are most common? Here are some possible types of claims:

    Medical Malpractice
    Car Accidents
    Wrongful Death Cases
    Brain Injury Cases
    Construction Accidents
    Paralysis Cases
    Product Recall Cases
    Slip and Fall
    Dog Attack
    Workers Comp
    Harassment and Abuse

    What type of lawyer do you need? The Bandy Firm can also seek damages in the event of a wrongful death. It is your right to seek compensation when you wrongfully loose a loved one. How is a defendant held liable with personal injury claims? It depends, was it done on purpose, the result of negligence or other liability? Every case has different dynamics but in general, when a person or company acted unreasonably therefore hurting someone. With negligence, it’s assumed the person or company did not intentionally mean to hurt anyone, but it happened anyway due to negligence. Intentional damages refer to injuries that were caused on purpose. Liability also occurs with product claims like recalls and faulty products. 

    When you’re facing financial problems you may consider bankruptcy to resolve your situation. Overall the number of bankruptcies have decreased over time, but hundreds of thousand of claims are filed each year. Generally, bankruptcies are defined by ‘chapters’ - like Chapter 7 and chapter 11. By filing bankruptcy you can stop aggressive collection efforts. If you have lost your income or facing a large money crisis, bankruptcy may be useful to help you recover. Just call the Ringgold attorneys that get it done, and we can talk about your specific case. 

    If you own a business you need legal representation for a large number of possible situations. Hiring a lawyer during your start up can minimize unforeseen legal issues and costs. At The Bandy Firm we would love to represent your business and understand the real legal challenges that you may face. We are the Ringgold lawyer that you want on your team.


    Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    Neck & Back Injuries
    Leg Injuries
    Spinal Cord Injuries
    Severe Burns
    Arm & Shoulder Injuries
    Psychological or Emotional Trauma

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